The Godspirations Series

Harold and Paula Vega Vondenstein- Does God draw us to Salvation?

By Paula Vega Vondenstein      (Photo by Denise Rednour)

In John 6:44 Jesus said: “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him…” Experience for yourself the remarkable journey by Harold Vega Vondenstein as God was relentlessly pursuing him over a 13 year period to Repentance, Deliverance, and Salvation (Sept. 1999 – Sept. 2012) through an extraordinary collection of over 1,000 poems.

This massive collection of poetry, called the Godspirations Series of Poems (10 books in all), has been meticulously recorded as the poems flowed effortlessly and carefully preserved with original notes and dates, but never with the intent to publish them until now. Newly married to his ministry partner, Paula Vega Vondenstein (whom Harold met on Christian Mingle on Christmas Day of 2014), Harold recently felt the persistent nudging by God that the time was now to finally publish the Godspirations Series. The entire collection of the Godspirations Series of 10 books of poems will be published in time.  The first two are published at this writing.

The Godspirations Series includes the following titles: Revelations From God Regarding Love, Revelations From God Regarding Hope, Revelations From God Regarding Success (on God’s terms), Revelations From God Regarding Faith, Revelations From God Regarding Trust, Revelations From God Regarding Prayer, Revelations From God Regarding Worship, Revelations From God Regarding Obedience, Revelations From God Regarding Deliverance, Revelations From God Regarding Life (including Eternal Life).”

Harold and Paula Vega Vondenstein are members of Northwood Church in Gulfport, Mississippi and the founders of Gateway to Glory Ministries which will focus on Repentance, Deliverance and Salvation. Harold and Paula currently reside in Gulfport with their three Chihuahuas, Coco, Cody, & Casey. The purchase of these books will help fund their ministry.

(Book Cover Designs by Paula Vega Vondenstein)

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6 Prayer 67 Worship Book 78 Obedience Book 89 Deliverance Book 910 LIfe Book 10

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